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The ultimate in business flexibility allowing you and your staff to be able to work from home, hotel rooms, or just be available when visiting another branch

With Hyperneph VOICE – the ultimate in business flexibility – you can take your phone out of the office, and plug it in to practically any internet connection, and you’re back on the company phone network.

Your staff can be part of the ‘team’ wherever they currently are

This means that when those really important sales calls comes in for ‘Dave’ and only for ‘Dave’ (who happens to be working from home today) – you can transfer the call to him seamlessly – just as if he was opposite your receptionist’s desk.

Scales to your needs as your business grows

With older legacy systems growing your business beyond the number of ports on your telephone system (e.g. from 16 to 17 people) meant costly upgrades to new hardware. In contrast, with Hyperneph VOICE you can have as few or as many handsets connected as you need, for the same ‘per handset’ cost.

Save money on calls to Hong Kong / Australia / France / USA / UK landlines and more – to generate more global business

With some of the most competitively priced ‘per second’ billing, Hyperneph’s calls will help protect your bottom line. Calls to UK landlines, France, North America and even some faraway places like China and Malaysia are all just 1p a Minute. Handset connection costs just £5 a month – all allowing you to cost effectively reach out and generate more global business.

Hyperneph Phones are fully featured, highly portable and always on

Because your server lives on our cloud infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about server down-time or paying high maintenance charges.

For a single monthly line rental – your phones are connected and on-line – and fully inclusive you get:

• Three way calling

• Inbound call Queuing

• Inbound call Grouping

• Directed and general Call Pickup

• Voicemail to Email (as a WAV attachment – so you can listen to it from your inbox)

• Call Forwarding to internal and external destinations

• Hold Music

Hyperneph VOICE: Get connected, stay connected

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