High Availability


Your guarantee that your network AND application will be available 100% of the time:

ALL our clients benefit from high availability, because we draw on all of our expertise to make sure that nothing is left to chance:

• We have complete redundancy on every component that delivers your service. From the internet and power that enters our environment, to the Physical servers and their components – duplicated across 2 data centres; there are at least 2 pathways that can be used to ensure complete reliability

• All of our data is stored on raid 6 volumes, and replicated across our datacentres

• We use automatic systems and manual checks to ensure that every aspect of our service is operating correctly

• We run daily checks on domain issues and viruses and run regular updates and install patches to keep our operating systems secure – all part of the service

• We also continuously monitor your servers overall health, looking at statistics such as RAM and CPU usage, disk space availability, network throughput and service availability (like web servers, Database servers, etc.)

• We have external servers (on other continents) which monitor our servers – right down to the application level – AND internet connections – this helps us ensure that we cannot miss a service failure

• Our team of infrastructure Engineers and Application programmers have decades of real industry experience. With our clients permission we look over the application’s we are going to host and ensure that when it goes on to our servers, we can keep it running at optimum speed at all times

• The final piece of the jigsaw is our internet connectivity; we have multiple connections and deployed multiple fibre interconnects between our data centres (2 complete rings) with multi-gigabit capacity to ensure that you have the bandwidth you need regardless of the amount of traffic your website generates

• When we place your service on to our platform we make sure it can scale as needed. So if you find your site starts trending or becomes an overnight success we can ensure it remains available

• It’s no good us making your service run 100% of the time if Joe Hacker can log on and take you off-line or steal your data. We build security into every level of our design and can make sure only you have access to your data

• We employee hard core techy coders

Because of this, we have a boast that is fairly unique:

Most hosting companies will offer a 99% SLA, some more than this, that their hardware remains available. In contrast:

“We offer our hosting clients a guarantee that their network AND application will be available 100% of the time”

Get started: if you want rock-solid hosting and to make more sales by always being “open for business” – Call us on 0800 680 0922/020 3432 0420 info@hyperneph.com

Or click here to download your Cloud Hosting Benefits brochure:

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