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Guaranteeing the availability of your online business 24/7

You’ve heard about “network uptime”, but Hyperneph takes you to the next level – we guarantee the availability of your online business 24/7

We help:

Anyone who cannot afford their website to be down – as they would lose customers, revenue and could damage their reputation (as word spread that your site was down) – such as:

• E-commerce stores

• Social/community sites

• Blogs/magazines

• Businesses that rely on advertising space revenue

• Websites promoting your ‘bricks and mortar’ store

• Businesses who want to protect their reputation/brand

• New product launches

• Start-ups that only have one chance to create that great first online impression

• Subscription websites

• Online auction sites

• Online betting/gaming

• Information/review sites

• True 24/7 businesses with clients in different time zones

• Very competitive businesses (fighting for high Google rankings) – who’s website MUST be up

• And more

Hyperneph rock-solid cloud hosting boasts:

• Availability guaranteed: 100% network uptime AND 100% application SLA

• 100% privacy/ownership of data: yours

• Majority of customers want their data hosted INSIDE the UK – that’s why we offer UK-based storage as standard

• Provision for traffic spikes and trending

• 100% UK-based technical support 24x7x365 by our cloud Specialists (we call them Nephologists)

• High security ‘Tier 3’ data centres

• Green: carbon neutral

• Easy switchover managed by us – Get started: Call us on 0800 680 0922/020 3432 0420

Or click here to download your Cloud Hosting Benefits brochure:

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Why Hyperneph?

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Developers and End Users Partner With Us

End users: By partnering with Hyperneph – you can be sure that your business will have access to a highly skilled team of cloud Specialists (we call them Nephologists) that understand how you want to use and access your businesses data in the ‘cloud’ enabled world. … Continue reading


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