Cloud Based Email

Flexible, safe and secure for ultimate peace of mind

We use one of the UK’s Largest Exchange Hosting companies to ensure that your email is safe and secure for ultimate peace of mind.

Our cloud email helps you with:

• Cloud Based Email Solution

• ‘Outlook over the Internet’ allows your local computers to hold a completely synchronised copy of your email, contacts and calendar; whilst maintaining the primary store on the cloud server, using Microsoft Outlook

• Outlook Web App – means you can see your full email, calendar and contacts view from any web-enabled device

• ActiveSync give you the ability to sync with most mobile devices

• You’re in good company: 100,000 business mailboxes currently hosted

• 99.5% SLA

• Utilises the latest versions of Microsoft exchange (2013)

• 25 gigabytes of space per mailbox

• And more

You only pay per mailbox

This means that you can have unlimited alias email addresses that point to 1 or more actual mailboxes…

So Sarah could have:,,,, and more etc.

And John could have:,,, and more etc.

(So in this example: Sarah and John would only need 2 mailboxes, even though they have 7 emails).

Each 25Gb mailbox is only £6 + VAT per mailbox, per month.

Levels of control and support

• You can set your out of office replies yourself

• You can set user passwords yourself

• If people have forgotten passwords of left, for safety we’d prefer you to come to us

• If you really want “full” control then we “can” do this, and we can write out bullet point steps for you to follow

• 100% UK-based support

Get started: Call us on 0800 680 0922/020 3432 0420

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