When Unlimited is Limited

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WARNING: many hosting companies offer ‘eye-catching’ claims of ‘unlimited’ web space or ‘unlimited’ bandwidth at seemingly incredibly low prices.

But scratch beneath the service and often their terms and conditions or acceptable use policy tell a different story.

So how ‘limited’ is unlimited?

Actual extracts from XXX Ltd’s Terms (Identity protected to save embarrassment):

1) Resource usage: The Hosting Services allow you ‘unlimited’ server space for normal routine ‘non-file-distribution’ web usage. For websites that allow downloading of video, audio or other files we reserve the right to impose a bandwidth limit of 25 Gb per calendar month.

2) Prohibited uses: In your use of the Hosting Services, you may not use more than five (5) % of our server’s processing capacity.

3) [Plus there follows a ‘long’ list of exclusions including]: you may not participate in any file-sharing / peer-to-peer activities or run any gaming servers [and ‘many’ other restrictions of use]…

4) Suspension and termination: Failure to comply with this acceptable use policy constitutes a material breach of the our terms and conditions of sale upon which you are permitted to use the Hosting Services, and may result in our taking all or any of the following actions:

5) Immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use the Hosting Services.

6) Immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any Material uploaded to our servers [WARNING: THIS MEANS ‘YOUR’ SITE].

7) Hosting Service service levels: Service credits are NOT given for any form of downtime or service unavailability.

8) Back-up of your material and our servers: It is YOUR responsibility to maintain appropriate and up-to-date back-up copies of any data, information or other material you upload (or permit to be uploaded) onto our servers as part of your use of the Hosting Services. In the event of loss of or damage to your Material, you will NOT be given access to the server back-up we maintain pursuant to our archiving procedure.

9) Hosting Service usage limitations: The Hosting Service you have ordered will be automatically suspended if this monthly bandwidth allowance is exceeded. If this happens, you have to upgrade your Hosting Service package to one which includes a higher monthly bandwidth allowance, or wait for the Hosting Service to resume at the start of the following calendar month.

10): We will not provide support directly to your end users


So, with our above competition, go over your [not so] unlimited ‘25 Gb limit’ and your site could be down for a WHOLE MONTH. That’s one months loss of business, plus ongoing bad press, damage to your reputation, brand and your bottom line…

In contrast, at Hyperneph, we offer more transparency and promises we CAN keep – that directly benefits you:

Even on our entry Cloud 1 we offer a generous data transfer allowance of 100 Gb per month for your web, video, audio or other files and 1 Tb for Cloud 2 businesses (and ‘truly bespoke’ allowances for cloud 3).

In the [exceptionally] unlikely event we did not meet our SLA – we WOULD reimburse clients for any downtime or service unavailability.

To protect you we DO regular backups of your data, as standard: daily for Cloud 1 and real time (instantaneous) for Cloud 2 and above.

If your site starts trending / you feature in the news / you go viral REST ASSURED YOU WILL NOT BE ‘SUSPENDED’ and instead, with us, we WILL handle your load.

Yes, if you repeatedly have larger than anticipated traffic, great, your marketing is clearly working/business is growing, and we will have a grown up conversation with you and make sure you’re on the best cloud level, but your service will remain unaffected and, with us, you WILL make more sales by always being ‘open for business’.

And, unlike our competition, we support ALL our partners and purposefully provide support directly to end users so they get the best levels of hosting, and saving your developers time on customer support.

Get started: Experience the Hyperneph difference – Call us on 0800 680 0922/020 3432 0420 info@hyperneph.com

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