Cloud Storage


The ultimate in business flexibility to quickly meet business demands

Allowing you to access and share files from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer at speeds of up to 25x faster to quickly meet business demands. Control where files are stored, with the simplicity of the cloud and the speed of local storage to get security, scalability and control for IT to help mobilise your workforce and achieve “in-the-office performance”.

Our Cloud Storage helps you with:

• 100% Privacy/ownership of data: yours. We strongly believe in on-line privacy and – unlike some companies out there – we will never lay claim to your data

• Infrastructure that scales to your needs as your business grows (and can support thousands of concurrent users) to future proof your business

• Web access – provides secure and easy file access using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome

• Mobile access – providing accessibility on the go using the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, webOS app

• Complete Control – vary access rights at every folder level to safeguard your information

• Desktop sync: online and offline desktop access – when Internet connectivity is restored, files are automatically and seamlessly synchronized between your computer

• Truly unlimited storage capability to meet all your business needs

• Store files of any size – such as PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop files, CAD drawings, medical images, videos, etc.

• At Hyperneph we take our clients security extremely seriously. All the data transferred between you and our servers is encrypted using enterprise-level SSL Technology (the same security standard you use when logging into on-line banking). This keeps your data only visible to you

• Secure data hosting and data redundancy – to ensure the highest level of protection to your data for peace of mind

• And more

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