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Save time on technical / customer support (we’ll do it for you) – allowing you to concentrate on designing and building more sites

(Real examples / feedback from our developer partners):

The problem / ‘hassle’ of hosting:

You’re in the middle of a sales presentation / big client meeting or in middle of large project with a tight deadline and your phone goes: a customer from 3 years ago and their site is down…

It’s very difficult to justify giving priority to old customers paying a few pounds for hosting compared to several thousand pounds on a new website.

Your agency hours may be 8 till 6 and the call comes in at 5.50pm on a Friday (or on your day off) and your clients are expecting 24/7 support.

If you host then you’re expected to fix it and if a third party hosts then customers may still ring you first / hold you responsible…

Reasons your end users site may be down:

• The server has crashed because nobody’s been maintaining access logs and the disc has filled.

• Website has been hacked because nobody’s applied security updates for the operating system.

• Same for the CMS updates (e.g. for WordPress users: every now and again a security flaw/breach is identified and they bring out a security patch).

• It’s easy for people to tell which version of WordPress is running through actively scanning for vulnerabilities and if you don’t apply the patch it leaves the site open to hack attempts.

• If your site is hijacked hackers can use it to take control of your system, change the content (e.g. to add spam), or add ‘phishing’ pages with the intent of tricking people often to obtain personal or credit card details, and may insert malware designed to harm computers or networks. (i.e. a ‘very’ negative effect on your brand).

• Google uses automatic scanners to constantly look for this; and identify sites as infected in search results to protect other users (i.e. a ‘very’ negative effect on any SEO efforts).

More downtime:

• Further repercussions are even more significant if there are no backups, as you have to go in and manually disinfect your end user clients site – which could take hours or days (because if any traces of the hack remain they’ll do it again).

Important: making backups is only useful if you’ve tried recently to restore from them (e.g. in the last few years how many times have you checked the backup?).

Warning: website trending on Twitter / gone viral – some hosts – even so called ‘unlimited’ ones – will close you down in an instant because ‘hidden’ in their terms and conditions/fair usage policy is a clause that they can switch you off without warning. This is often automated and with no negotiation.

• All the money spent trying to make site popular has gone to waste (potential customers may only click link once and if your site is down never return).

• And who is going to bear the brunt of the clients initial frustration: their web/app developer.

Help is at hand / How you can benefit:

In contrast, at Hyperneph we can help your end user clients with their web hosting. Simply refer them to us and we’ll do the rest: we’ll set them up on the most suitable cloud hosting service, migrate their data, support them, answer their questions and give them great customer support.

Ongoing we’ll employ proactive maintenance; and apply and manage security updates – with regular backups – so your clients are safe and secure.

We provision for traffic spikes and trending, as standard – ensuring your clients make more sales by always being “open for business”.

PLUS we offer your clients (and of course you) 100% UK-based technical support 24x7x365.

Resulting in fewer customers ringing you with technical support queries, saving you time so you can concentrate on more profitable parts of your business:

• Offer easy to promote: rock-solid, secure hosting that enhances your professional reputation

• Save time on technical/customer support (we’ll do it for you) – allowing you to concentrate on designing and building more sites

• And more

Get started: Find out more about Hyperneph ‘Black’ Partner/Developer levels AND your exclusive ongoing benefits – for life - Call us on 0800 680 0922/020 3432 0420

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