Not All Hosting is Equal

WARNING: Many of our competitors say: ‘if you are expecting a massive surge in traffic contact your hosting provider in advance’. In contrast:

At Hyperneph we GUARANTEE that your network AND application will be available 100% of the time

So whether:

• Your product / company / employee has featured on the news

• You’ve gone viral (and everybody’s trying to view your site)

• Your business is seasonal (whether you’re selling barbeques in summer or gifts in the busy run up to Christmas)

• You’re employing SEO and have jumped to number 1 in Google

• You run a sporting blog and it’s close to the transfer window

• Celebrity / royalty wears one of your dresses (and you don’t want your website to ‘crash’)

With Hyperneph: you make more sales by always being “open for business”

Monthly cloud hosting services:

Cloud 1 (ground level) from £20

Cloud 2 (cloud level) from £200

Cloud 3 (beyond the cloud) Price on application

As all our clients’ online businesses are unique, all prices are estimates until we fully understand your hosting requirements

Our process begins with a thorough analysis to make sure you’re on the right platform in the first place

Our standard packages offer a home for websites developed using common content management systems and application stacks.

For more specialised environments we can customise our server environment to meet any levels of traffic and data requirements and again maintain the highest levels of security and up-time.

Instead of just throwing more power at a problem we use our many years of combined experience in systems and programming to ensure you get the best hosting possible for your application and your server doesn’t get overloaded.

This is greener, smarter and overall a safer way to approach the problems associated with scale and security.

Rock-solid Hosting

Hyperneph runs fully redundant systems across multiple sites, so we can guarantee system up-time. All of our systems are built around at least N+1 redundancy and are layered across sites, because we believe reliability should be built-in from the ground up.

High Capacity Hosting

Hyperneph serves around 200 Million web hits and billions of database transactions every month, but our infrastructure is scaled to support many times more.

Our monthly cloud hosting services offer:

Page views per month

Cloud 1: Up to 20,000

Cloud 2: Up to 1 million

Cloud 3: Unlimited

Data transfer allowance per month

Cloud 1: 100Gb

Cloud 2: 1Tb

Cloud 3: Unlimited

Get started: Call us on 0800 680 0922/020 3432 0420

Or click here to download your Cloud Hosting Benefits brochure:

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